IP Products - Becoming a Dealer

IP Products dealers enjoy having substantial technical benefits, strong manufacturer and distributor support, and a highly competitive market position.

ONLY SELL THE BEST – Independent lab tests prove IP Products to be the strongest spray liners available! Why settle for an inferior product? Compete in your market knowing your product stands head and shoulders above the rest. See the results.

  • Greater product strength means IP Products can take more punishment!
  • Greater U.V. stability mean IP Products performs better in sun, keeping its natural color longer!

A GROWTH MARKET – Participate in a profitable, expanding business sector with the absolute proven best product in the market. Every year there are more light trucks in operation, and more chances to sell spray liner installations.

  • Pickups amount to almost 4 out of every 10 new vehicle purchases.
  • A bedliner is the #2 truck accessory purchase, second only to floor mats.

EASIEST LINER SYSTEM – While the IP system is based upon sophisticated chemical technology; its application process is relatively simple and extremely operator-friendly.

  • IP was intentionally designed to be the "easiest to apply" liner available.
  • Free video training materials and technical phone support are also available.

LEAST EXPENSIVE START-UP – The "make or break" factor with any new business venture is always overcoming initial start-up costs. By choosing to become a IP dealer, you avoid the complicated and expensive factors typical in most other spray liner programs.

  • We offer a very economical dealer "get-started" package.
  • Authorized dealers install IP Products with simple, inexpensive spray equipment.

NO FRANCHISE OR ROYALTY FEES – It's your business and you should be the one benefiting from its success over time. Worldwide, IP dealers have found our program to be the best profit opportunity in the industry.

  • Avoid costly, ongoing dealer franchise program costs.
  • Enjoy greater dealer profit and a greater ability to gain market share.